As I mentioned elsewhere, if you absolutely feel you must contact me, I’d generally prefer for you to use the comments page to do it. I have several email addresses, which I rarely check, and I check my email account related to this blog even less, because at this time I use it almost exclusively for things related to this blog — which means mostly for me to sign into wordpress. Additionally, my internet is often on the cusp of being turned off and I don’t have the time or energy to intentionally go to wireless hotspots unless I have to — and I’m often not well enough to do so, anyway. As I mentioned on the comments page, and will probably mention elsewhere as well, I have multiple chronic illnesses, including mental illnesses, and social interactions take up a huge amount of energy for me, so getting in touch with people, staying in touch with people, and just having regular conversations are often difficult and even taxing for me. But if you specifically feel that it’s important you contact me, and you have a good reason for not wanting to use the comments page, then you can use this contact form and I’ll try to get back to you.

Up to date as of 9/11/20

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