Comment Policy and Comments

I have comments turned off on most of this blog. I may rethink and change this policy at a later date. For now, I’m keeping it and I’ll see how it works.

I have multiple chronic illnesses, including mental illnesses, and I deal with chronic pain. Because of these things, communication is often difficult and taxing for me. Additionally, a few of my chronic illnesses and disabilities sometimes affect me in such a way that communication is not always effective and at times not even possible (such as when dealing with the side effects of hypoglycemia or hypotension). Even on the best days, my memory, concentration, and ability to focus are severely impacted by brain fog. I am not saying this to complain (though to be honest I do that often enough in life with the people closest to me, though I do try not to), but to explain, albeit briefly and over-simplistically why responding to comments is difficult for me.

In addition to those reasons, and partly because of them, I have no desire to get into a verbal war with anyone over our religions. I may ultimately feel like I have to anyway, and I do have much to say on the matter — part of why I am blogging is because of the acrimony among various segments of the Pagan and polytheist communities. But I still would like to avoid a verbal flame war. It will detract from important things that myself and others need to say, and it will exhaust me beyond measure, and possibly beyond my ability to blog effectively — or potentially even beyond the ability to semi-effectively live my life if I engage in it too often.

So I have left comments off on most areas of this blog. If you want to call me a fascist, a Marxist, a fundamentalist, an atheist, an ableist, a special snowflake, a white supremacist, bleeding heart progressive, a complacent moderate, an apathetic conservative, an anarchist, an elitist religionist, impious, or anything else of that ilk, do it on your own time, on your own website on the internet, or at least on a website that isn’t mine.

This also applies to positive, supportive, and encouraging things you may say. I do hope to be helpful, and I appreciate any positivity that may come out of that. But I am not setting the comments (and lack of them) up on this blog in order to create an echo chamber where people can talk, but only if they agree with me. I am mostly setting it up in this way for two reasons: 1. To make blogging, particularly on these subjects and in the current climate of the Pagan and polytheist blogosphere, sustainable for me 2. In an attempt to make it so that everyone can say what they need or want to say on the relevant subjects (within reason), including me, while also attempting to help partially defuse the current situation, which all too often devolves into what basically amounts to a multi-person verbal fistfight with very little getting accomplished except for lots of damage.

If you want to respond to something I said on my blog, the way I see it, you have a few options.

You can choose to not link back to my blog, not quote me, and not mention me directly, speaking only in general terms. This is a tactic I plan on using often myself, when it is more important to respond to the message of what a person or people said than it is to either respond to the person directly, or to risk getting into a loud and public argument on the internet that ultimately only distracts everyone from their religions and detracts from the issues at hand.

You can quote my blog, and cite me as the author of whatever you excerpt.

 You can reblog any of my blog posts.

You can include a link back to the page you are referencing on my blog in a blog post of your own on your own website, social media, etc.

Or you can do some combination of the above.

I ask that if you quote me or refer to what I wrote that you avoid twisting what I say and try to avoid taking it out of context.

I read several Pagan and polytheist blogs, but I don’t read most of them, nor do I read the ones I do follow all the time, and I almost never comment on them. If I receive pingbacks, read your blog anyway, or it makes such a ruckus that I hear about it elsewhere, I may or may not read blog posts responding to mine and I may or may not respond to them with posts of my own. It will depend on how well I am at any given time, how much time and energy I have for dealing with it, how much it will distract or detract me from doing other things I need to be doing, and — to be honest — whether or not I feel like it, among other things. Whether I respond to blog posts that are responses to my blog posts in particular will need the importance of the matter weighed against all of those other things, in addition to weighing how likely it is that my response will turn into a protracted internet argument, feud, or just plain circus.

It’s worth noting that if you respond on social media, I definitely won’t read it or hear about it, unless it makes such big ripples that I hear about it here or elsewhere. In many ways (though not all ways) I was a digital minimalist before I had ever heard about it, and I suspect even long before it was really a concept, particularly when it comes to social media. I plan on writing in more detail about digital minimalism and my interactions (and lack thereof) with social media at a later date, but for now and for these purposes, it suffices to say that I am usually functionally not on social media. This is particularly true when it comes to ways in which I would be aware of it if you replied to my blog on social media – that is to say, exceedingly unlikely. The main point being, if you intend to use social media to attack me, or for less nefarious purposes, it will most likely backfire on you and I will probably not even wind up knowing about it, let alone reading it.

However, there have been a few times when bloggers I followed either turned comments off, had no other way to reach them, or deleted their blogs entirely and I had no way of contacting them and really wished I could for one reason or another. Bearing that in mind, and that it possible someone may have something important to say to me or find themselves in a similar situation regarding what I write, there are a couple of ways you can contact me. The first and best is to leave a comment here, on this page, where I have comments turned on. I will also try to set it so that they are moderated, though I may eventually turn moderation off. The second is to fill out the form on the contact page. That may be a better option in certain circumstances, such as if you feel your comment requires a private response and you don’t want your email address to be made public. However, as I mention on the contact page, I rarely check my email in general and this one in particular, and it is easier for me to login to my WordPress account than to my email account, so I will be more likely to see your comments and reply to them here than through the contact page.

Note that neither this page, nor the contact form are excuses to be mean, rude, or cruel to myself or others, nor as ways to circumvent the rules I have laid out for this blog. I will not tolerate hate speech including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, or anti-Semitism . I will not tolerate attacks on the religions or beliefs of other, including monotheistic religions. This also applies to a lack of religion, such as atheism or agnosticism. I will not tolerate elitism, nor ad hominem attacks, nor cruelty. I may add other things I will not tolerate to that list later if a need to state them explicitly becomes applicable.

If you got through all that — and I do sincerely thank you for taking the time to read all of this — and you still feel that you need to say something directly to me, please leave a polite and respectful comment either here, or through the form on the contact page and I will try to get back to you.

Most recently updated on December 6th, 2020

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