Pagan. Polytheist. Animist. Witch. Ancestor Venerator. Practitioner of some elements of (mostly AODA) Neo-Druidry. Gradual student of Hellenic reconstruction and polytheism, and Irish reconstruction and polytheism. In love with the Land, especially the coast.

Semi-secularly, I am a writer, musician, knitter, avid reader, and nature and animal lover. I am multiply disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill, and neurodiverse. I’m financially poor, which I mention because it affects a lot of things, including how I practice my religion. I’m a transman and my pronouns are he/him/his. I live with my fiancé, who is my partner of several years. I enjoy tabletop roleplaying games and occasionally an extremely small number of videogames in a few specific genres. I also used to enjoy playing a couple of trading card games, especially Magic: The Gathering*. However, I don’t often have time, energy, or concentration for any of those types of games these days, and I don’t usually prioritize them as much as other things, nor can I, in some instances. While this may not apply to everyone, I’ve found that chronic illness and chronic pain have whittled down my interests and what I have time, energy, and brain capacity for, leaving only the truly most important things — and not even all of those — behind. That’s been the case for me with most types of games, among other things, though one of the rpgs I love has been beneficial for me and is also something I still really enjoy, so I do still try to make time for it. I don’t often succeed, though, and I often have more important things to do or prioritize. I also don’t usually interact with enough people to play multi-player games anymore, though that isn’t as big of a factor as other things.

Social justice and environmental welfare are extremely important to me. However, it’s also important to note that I don’t identify as a social justice warrior and, while I am firmly against fascism, and so am technically “antifa”, I am not affiliated with any antifa groups, nor officially with the anti-fascist movement as it exists today in my country. Both of those groups (and I am aware that they can legitimately not be considered cohesive groups, but I use the term for ease of communication) have beliefs and tactics that I agree with and those that I don’t. There are enough beliefs and tactics in both groups that I disagree with enough, and strongly enough, that I am not affiliated with either of them. Lest this be misconstrued, I want to also clearly state here that I support the Black Lives Matter movement.

I am a quasi-hermit, mostly due to circumstances, but partially also by choice.

*I was previously in a relationship where members of the group ranged from open and polyamorous, to polyfidelitous, to monogamous, and I was with one of my exes for a significant portion of my life. I’m including this information here so that it doesn’t confuse people if I talk about being with one or more of my exes during the same period of time in which I have been with my current partner. My current partner and I are no longer interested in being in open or polyamorous relationships with other humans, though we have different protocols for romantic or sexual relationships with Deity/ies. That said, though polyamory did not work for either of us, this statement is not a condemnation of it for others who function well in ethically non-monogamous relationships.

**I no longer play Magic: the Gathering for a whole lot of reasons. In writing a note explaining why, I realized that I could write an entire blog post about it, and that I’d like to, at least for my own sake. I’ll probably post it to my other blog, though, as it is more relevant there.

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