A Propitiatory Prayer of Offering to Gaia

A few months ago, I attended a virtual religious ritual. At it, we gave offerings and all I had was water, so I said that I would also write Gaia a prayer later as an offering. I don’t remember now if I wrote it on or near the Spring Equinox or Beltane, though I think it was the former. Regardless, this is that prayer. Because it specifically mentions propitiating her and correcting wrongs, it is good to do something towards those ends after praying it, ideally something that is beneficial for Gaia, for the Earth, the environment, or for others of Her children. This can be a specific act, or it can be trying to live your life in such a way that that is a constant consideration in how you live.

Gaia, You are Beautiful!
All of the Earth is Yours and everything upon it!
The Great Mountains and the Roaring Seas,
The Silent Ground and the Spreading Trees
The Patient Stones and the Buzzing Bees

But also the Food in the Fridge and the Fabric in Jeans
The Components in Computers and the Metal in Keys
The Orca and the Tiger, 
Wolves and Chimpanzees
But also the Earthworm and the Beetle
Mycelium and Seeds

The Soil is not static, as your devoted children know
Despite Its calm demeanor, those Alive beneath it
Learn and Change and Grow

You also Hold Within You the bodies of the Dead
Countless feed Their Brethren from deep inside their Graves
Whilst the Bodies of many others have sunk beneath the Waves

Gaia, You are Guardian of both the living and the Dead
You weave the careful Web of Life, 
Every Strand and every Thread

May Your human children Propitiate You
Using both our hearts and heads
To redress the harm we caused You -- 
And the Gestalt from Which we fled
To honor Your valid grief and rage
And strive to find Balance instead.