A Prayer to Gaia for the Coronavirus Dead

Content Warning for COVID-19, and the dying of those for whom it was fatal; allusion to miasma

A few months ago, I was poked to write a prayer specifically to Gaia, for the COVID-19 Dead. I’ve been getting prompted to post it up here in case others want to use it. It’s not as polished as the last prayer to Gaia that I posted is, but it’s serviceable, earnest, and (I believe) conveys both what She wanted me to, and what I wanted to. I would suggest doing a more thorough than usual cleansing after praying to or for the COVID-19 Dead, especially when praying to or for them in general, as opposed to perhaps specific people you may have known who died from it (although it’s probably not a bad idea in those situations, either).

Gaia, I pray for the COVID-19 Dead.

One day, You will hold the remains of all who now live within You. 
May those who have died, and whose bodies rest now within Your Own Body, find peace. May their remains provide nourishment for Your plants and animals in turn, just as in the past, others of Your plants and animals have provided sustenance for them. May their souls find peace in the afterlives.