Blog Housekeeping and Organization Update

Because I have been posting on this blog lately, instead of letting it sit dormant, I reread my static blog pages. I wrote them — or at least published them — almost three years ago, and in that time, a lot has changed. As an interesting aside, I first wrote most of them (or at least published them) on the birthday of one of my most beloved and helpful Ancestors. I think I vaguely remember choosing that date for the significance at the time.

However, a lot of the information is no longer accurate, and there are typos that make what I was trying to convey difficult or impossible to understand.

I’m going to take some time to make appropriate changes to those pages. I plan on:

*Fixing typos (at least the ones I notice)

*Potentially rephrasing some thing to be more clear (though I may not do this part)

*Updating portions that need it

*Changing and/or deleting information that is either no longer true, or no longer relevant

*Elaborating where I think it might be beneficial to do so

*Consolidating, or including less detail where I think that might be beneficial

*Figuring out why one of the static pages I created isn’t showing up, and making it so it does

*When I am finished, I plan to note at the top or bottom of each page that they are current as of whatever month and year it is when I’ve finished revising them — a practice I got the idea for from this website (which is written by a practitioner of religious witchcraft, but which also has a lot excellent information that generalizes well to other forms of Paganism and polytheism, and which is written in an extremely accessible manner). This will both be easier for me to keep track of than checking the wordpress editor, and it will also hopefully let readers know that if it was last updated a few years or more ago, the information may be out of date.

I’d like to do this soon because some portions are no longer accurately representative of my life, but I’m also still trying to catch up on the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks genealogy writing prompts, and there are a few other blog projects I want to work on. One is long-term, and will hopefully eventually have its own static page (that might eventually link to individual blog posts). I also should really dust off my other blog that has very different focal points. And, there’s also my non-blogging projects, plus other life stuff. The point being that I may not get to the static page updates right away, and almost certainly not all at once. When I finish with this initial round of updates to the static pages, I’ll try to remember to publish a regular blog post here saying so, but I might forget to.