Reblog: A Lokean Group Response to Karl Seigfried’s “Loki in the White House”

I’m belated in reblogging this, but I am so appreciative that it was written and I’d like to add my name to it. I have more to say on the article it refers to, but I think I want to wait to publicly comment further on the subject until I have more brain power at my disposal than I do at the moment.

A Polytheistic Life

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We are concerned about the religious bigotry and intolerance against our community and religious practices, as conveyed in Karl E.H. Seigfried’s recent column “Loki in the White House,”The Wild Hunt, Nov. 24, 2018.

Those who cultivate a relationship with the Norse god, Loki, are a minority among neopagans. Our individual practices are eclectic, nondogmatic, and individualistic.

By equating Loki with certain cherry-picked actions of the current president of the United States, Siegfried suggests that we who cultivate a relationship with Loki do not understand our own god, our own spirituality, and our community, and what we should understand is that our god is evil. This is no better than an evangelical Christian telling Pagans that our lack of understanding about Jesus and our own gods is leading us to worship demons…

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